In Love And In Like, Are Two Different Worlds

We’ve all heard this line before, “You should marry your best friend, the one who knows you best.” It always sounds good, appeals to many and makes lots of sense while choosing a mate or life partner. However,really liking a person versus being in love with them are too very different scenarios. And in my opinion, you should always marry the latter of the two.

Dating, and hanging out with someone you feel completely comfortable around, laugh often with, even enjoy sharing your most intimate secrets during those long walks in the park is something special to behold; almost rare in today’s fast-paced environment. Friends are great, true friends are very hard to find, especially when it comes to trust, honesty, and mutual respect. But, here’s the thing: if you’re completely in love with that special lady the world you’re living in carries a whole other meaning.

I’ve dated women who I really liked, even cared for, but wasn’t in love with. Some seemed to have all the pieces of the puzzle I searched for: caring, compassion, a sense of humor, ability of being on the same page with basic beliefs, even having a way of finishing my sentences. But, the sizzle just wasn’t there, my eyes didn’t light up or heart skip a beat when they entered the room. I really “liked” seeing them and always looked forward to our times spent together, but did I crave their touch or find myself envisioning our future together? Did I carry a deep desire to want more of them in my life?

I’ve known many people who’ve married for the sake of convenience, children, fear of being alone and horror of remaining single forever. Some make it work on the surface because their significant others match their needs on many levels: financially, politically, religiously, parenting skills and someone to have fun with. The years pass appearing somewhat satisfied on the surface. And when college tuition, older age, and thoughts of retirement start becoming reality, their dreams of re-marrying for real love is nothing more than a distant fantasy, something which they might’ve accomplished during their youth if they could only turn back the hands of time.

In all fairness, and for some, marrying or staying with someone you’re merely compatible with is good enough. Sure, they may romanticize about finally meeting their love-of-their-life or the one who fills their sleepless nights, but actually doing something about it is better left to the pages of romance novels or daytime dramas. And many of these couples are ones who simply gave up on meeting “the one” after being cheated on, disappointed emotionally or had unrealistic expectations.

Anyone who’s ever been mutually in love with another, really in love, can tell you it’s worth waiting for and nothing else even compares to the feelings you have when all you want is to be together. So why would you settle for less? Why walk down an aisle with a “pal” instead of the one who spikes your adrenaline through your veins? And how often have we seen those movies where the “other guy or girl” interrupts a marriage ceremony just in the nick of time for the sake of crazy love?—blowing the days rituals wide apart.

Perhaps the best scenario for anyone looking for love is to be in love with your best friend. Talk about the best of both worlds.

Did you know These things Can Boost Office Productivity.

When running a business, you’ll always want to improve how well it runs. Part of this is hiring and training the best employees. Excellent marketing and promotion also make a difference. But did you know making some simple changes to your workplace can boost productivity?

There are many studies out there showing how your work environment can have an impact on employee productivity. Here are a few things that can boost workplace productivity you may not have known about.

Your Furniture

The furniture in your office can have a significant impact on workplace productivity. Employees who have to sit in uncomfortable chairs all day will naturally be less focused. Sitting down for extended periods of time can also cause a decrease in blood flow. It can often result in workers feeling lethargic.

To boost productivity, you may want to give your office a redesign. There are many sites such as Arnold’s Office Furniture which can help you equip your workplace. Companies like these usually offer discounts for buying in bulk, so you can kit out your entire office.

Ergonomic chairs and standing desks have been shown to have an impact on employee productivity. They can also help your workers keep healthy. Overall, it’s a worthy investment for improving your workplace (helpful site).


You might be thinking that giving your employees more work will make them more productive. But it turns out this may actually have the opposite effect.

It turns out that 68% of US employees believe they are overloaded with work. Workers suffering from work overload also find it to have a detrimental effect on their productivity. When they have too many tasks to complete, they’ll feel much less motivated. Additionally, the work they do produce will be of a lower quality.

It’s important to ensure that your employees aren’t working more than they need to. Make sure you split out work amongst your workers, so none are doing too much. If you have more work that needs doing, you might need to hire more people. Many employees also believe that a more flexible schedule would make them more productive.

Wearable Tech

One of the newest developments in smart technology is wearable tech. Things like smartwatches and fitness bands are becoming a popular consumer gadget. But this isn’t the only use for them. In fact, it’s been shown that wearable tech can make employees happier and more productive

One study found that employees with wearable tech became 8.5% more productive. Companies have found many ways to use smart technology to make work tasks easier. For instance, information can be recorded with wearable tech, reducing the need to write things down. They can also help with employee wellness by monitoring fatigue.

It’s a useful addition that can also make a workplace more fun.


When you’re decorating the office, you may want to consider adding some flowers. After all, evidence suggests they can improve productivity in numerous ways.

The most obvious benefit is they can make an office look brighter and smell nicer. But research also shows that reduce anxiety, improve memory and boost creativity. It’s a simple and cheap addition to any office that can have a positive influence on your employees.

Book Review A Bad Kitty Christmas

A greedy Bad Kitty didn’t get all the presents she wanted for Christmas, but after she goes on a Christmas caper across town and through multiple alphabets, she makes a new friend, finds an old friend, and learns the true meaning of Christmas. Or not. Nick Bruel’s first picture book about Bad Kitty since the uproarious Poor Puppy in 2007 is full of rhyming mayhem… and Christmas cheer.

Bad Kitty Christmas is a play on ‘The Night Before Christmas’ but for cat lovers. Telling the tale of Bad Kitty and the mischief she gets up to on Christmas Eve, this story will have cat lovers nodding sagely as they encounter familiar antics.

It’s doubtless a great pick for children but as I don’t have any, I read it for myself and really enjoyed it (well, actually I listened to the audio version but more on that later). The kitty is naughty but lovable and the message behind the story is very touching: accept your kitty’s naughtiness – it’s part of owning cats and you’d miss them terribly if they were gone.

I got the audiobook version from Audible and I must admit if I were rating this on that alone, I probably wouldn’t be able to give it more than 3 stars. I just don’t think the reading does it justice. skyscraper However, having looked at the book illustrations and based this review on the merit of the poem itself and the illustrations within the book, I feel fully justified in giving it four stars.

The Selfie Is Another Form of Narcissism

I got into an argument the other day when I made the bold statement that “selfie takers are modern-day narcissists.” I couldn’t understand why a person would take so many pictures of themselves, sometimes in the most unglamorous of states, and put them up on social media for all to see.

The barrage of protests that I got had a common thread. The protestors could not understand why it was so bad to indulge in this practice. Some did not know the meaning of the word “narcissism.” “Everybody is doing it, so why not I?” was a common protest; my counter, “And if everyone is jumping off a cliff, why not you?”

On deeper reflection, I realized that they were probably right. Everyone wants to be noticed, so why not they? And in this info-crazed universe where the proverbial “15 seconds of fame” has shrivelled to the “nanosecond of screen time,” the selfie is a great way to attract attention, and the more bizarre and dishevelled you are in the picture, the better.

The media mentioned recently that our Toronto mayor (whose name need not be mentioned for his worldwide fame has been guaranteed by the talk shows), was indulging in one continuous selfie with his antics in public and private life. I have to hand it to him; he has name recognition over the dozen or so other unknown candidates in the upcoming election. He might even get re-elected, purely by those like me who draw a blank at the polling booth and recognize his name on the ballot over 12 other nobodies – “better the known devil than the unknown one.”

Let’s face it, we let this happen. The moment we opened up personal social media pages, personal websites, blogs, or decided to sell our product on line, we had to leave a photograph as a calling card. That was Selfie Generation 1.

Then the technology made it easier to take pictures on the fly and upload them to the cloud of gawkers out there. And it became a necessity (I’m not sure how or why) to let the whole world know what we were eating, wearing, or doing at any given moment. Uniqlo We did not know why we had to do it, but we just felt compelled to. Enter Selfie Generation 2, the present one.

I am wondering what would happen if some clever technician is able to take our selfies off their public perches and manipulate them to give us donkey ears or monkey tails, or embed us into compromising positions that we may never want to be in, and then replace us on those very perches for the world to see? Would we all be beating a hasty path to retrieve our selfies and delete them as they keep going viral and proliferating around us? Or would we give up the battle and, like Narcissus, drown in the pool? Enter Selfie Generation 3 – I hope it never comes!

FORBIDDEN, A Novella (3)

Chapter Four

Here's my boyfriend and I, we had to leave the church and we lost friends when we came out, but both of us have never been happier!

The parking lot of Ralph’s grocery store on East Compton was filled almost to capacity. Parking spots were scarce and Leo had to drive around several times before he found a spot. Getting out of his car, he pressed the remote, locking it. He would come back for it later. There were lots of late-model cars in the lot but not that many of them were black. He didn’t think it would be too hard to find the car. Leo tried to be as inconspicuous in his search as he possibly could but it wasn’t easy. The tool he’d slipped inside his pant leg was making it difficult for him to walk normally. He was glad he’d at least remembered his Panama hat which served to keep the sun off of his face and his face partially obscured.

宁波 江东区-奔驰gla级amg 2015款 gla 45 amg 4maticLeo finally spotted the late-model black sedan parked between an old pickup truck and a rusty Chevy four-door. He checked the license plate to make sure he had the right car. Going over to the driver’s door, he glanced around to make sure he wasn’t being watched. As discretely as he could, he took the Slim Jim out of his pant leg and slid it between the window and the weather stripping. With the newer model cars, the doors housed various function controls as well as air bags and electrical wiring for power locks. Luckily, with this being a much older model car, Leo didn’t have to worry about any of that getting in the way of what he was trying to do. He moved the piece of spring steel slowly back and forth, all the while keeping an eye out for the wife or some other nosy passerby. Suddenly, Leo felt the tool grab the lock rod before the lock flipped over. He had managed to do it!

Triumphantly, Leo slid the tool out, opened the door and got in the car. It was sweltering inside but he didn’t dare waste precious minutes opening windows. Reaching down under the dashboard, Leo’s shaking fingers found the wires he needed in order to hot wire the car. When the huge V8 roared to life, he wasted no time in pulling out of the parking spot before cruising down the lane way, out onto East Compton without a backward glance.

Ana’s Coin In A Fountain

It’s late on Tuesday evening; I’m writing to you from the heart of Rome. It’s not the first time I’ve been. I visited with mother and father when I was in my mid-teens and again in the summer of 2006. It was nice to return after such a gap. It’s not my favourite city in Europe, an honour that belongs to Paris, but it’s more comfortable, more relaxed in many ways, if I can put it like that. My partner had not been before, and as it delights me to be cast in the role of Beatrice, guiding Dante through the celestial spheres, off we went!

It’s all so familiar, the Roman and the Renaissance, from Trajan’s Column to Saint Peter’s Basilica. There is a spot in the Forum where Caesar is alleged to have been assassinated. There were flowers when I first went; there are still flowers today, though what makes the old brute worthy of this honour I’m not at all sure!

Now, Marcus Aurelius, he is the one to admire, a better writer and a better man. His equestrian statue is a real delight, now protected from the elements in glass case in the Palazzo Novo on the Capitoline Hill, with a replica in place where it used to stand. We may not have had it at all but for the fact that he survived the early Christian purge of Imperial monuments after he was mistaken for Constantine the great.

From the Capitoline Hill it was on to the Coliseum and then the Baths of Caracalla, named after the ‘hoodie’ emperor of the early third century. The Baths, though not nearly as popular as the Coliseum, are, at least so far as I am concerned, the best Roman remains in Rome. But who can resist doing the thumbs down sign in the great Flavian amphitheatre? Not me, that’s for sure. What an empress I would have been, a cross between Livia and Messalina!

Now we jumped forward through the centuries. It’s impossible for me to describe that moment when one enters the Sistine Chapel for the first time to stand before God, or to stand before Michelangelo and Leonardo, which in that places amounts to much the same thing. I simply can’t look at the ceiling or at the Last Judgement without being overwhelmed, without being reduced to complete silence in a moment of sublime awe. It brings tears to my eyes even writing about it like this.

Let me give you a spot of advice if you are thinking of visiting, advice pertinent to the issue of silence. If you go to the Sistine, which forms part of the Vatican Museums, go early. Be there waiting for it to open. Once you have your ticket make straight for the chapel, ignoring all the treasures in your path; you can see them later. That way you should get there before the crowds arrive. Silence is supposed to be maintained but it is not, at least not strictly, and when the place is full of tour parties, the modern version of the Vandals and the Goths, the hubble-bubble is truly intolerable.

On the way out to dinner this evening I checked to see if the coin I threw six years ago was still in the Trevi Fountain. Of course it was: that’s why I’m back in Rome.

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How Lifehack Can Change And Improved Life

U A E Dubai Hotel Burj Al Arab Architectur

Everybody would always want to live a good and healthy life with their family and friends. However, as technology advances, living a good life with the family would already be impossible. For instance, one aspect which was really affected when technology have given us the cell phones, laptops and other gadgets and devices was the relationship that should exist among members of the family. If you loved this informative article and you want to receive more details regarding Lamar i implore you to visit our own webpage. Communication was affected because everybody were already engrossed using their cellular phones and electronic devices and gadgets. They also become less productive because of these devices. For instance, children and adults are spending most of their time playing with their gadgets.

[E3 2012] Wii U, Trine2: Director's Cut 스크린샷 - 블로그Something has to be done to help everybody. And with this, we can take a look at Lifehack which has many things to offer that can help each one of us in all aspects of life. Lifehack helps you understand what life is all about. It also helps you how to understand other people, how to deal with them and how to motivate them.

Lifehack can help people strengthen their relationship. It can also help mold a stronger foundation for the family. Lifehack offers teachings in life that will affect the whole family. It also has tips on how to understand each others shortcomings. Tips on building parents and child relationship are also discussed here. On top of it all, Lifehack stressed the importance of a good communication. It also offers some tips on how to know if you have a great husband or a great wife.

From the family and people who have been a part of your life, Lifehack also provides the “how” and the “What” to enhance the look and ambiance of your house. Decorating a house is not just merely putting up a frame on the walls, figurine on the shelves and tables, curtains and drapes. The decorations and curtains need not be expensive. Decorating a house also means making the place comfortable and relaxing. Aside from decorating your house, Lifehack has also online slot something which can help you prevent unwanted persons or burglars from visiting your house unexpectedly.

“Health is Wealth” hence, you have to see to it that the whole family is physically fit. Being healthy does not only mean eating the right food. It also means engaging in exercises and doing work that can make your body move and your blood to circulate well. There are different forms of exercise or workout that you and the whole family can do. Lifehack also recommends dancing or Zumba as a good form of exercise. While all of us love eating super delicious food, Lifehack helps us identify the right kind of food to eat or consume that can make you always on the go. You already knew the pyramid chart of proper nutrition; however, you still consider eating food which can endanger your health. Well, Lifehack has many things to teach you that you can use in preparing the right food and beverage or drinks that the whole family will enjoy.

The city Of Inglewood Celebrated Earth Day

Inglewood-While writing this review, I was fortunate to have the song “Earth Day Every Day” by John Denver as a Wiktionary ( musical accompaniment. This soundtrack was provided by Tanya Torres, Program Host of Canto Sin Fronteras on KPFK 90.7FM in Los Angeles.

A Global celebration of Earth Day falls on Tuesday, April 22, 2014. The city of Inglewood teamed up with the Social Justice Learning Institute for an early celebration of Earth Day on Saturday, April 19th. The title of this wonderful program was “Inglewood Rising: Earth Day Festival 2014.”

The well maintained, manicured South Lawn of Inglewood City Hall served as the perfect venue for the festival. The eco-friendly festival featured a kids’ zone, live entertainment, environmental workshops, nutritional information and demonstrations and an electric vehicle display. Festival goers’ awareness of how to positively impact the Earth was heightened through composting, healthy eating, drought tolerant gardening, Farm Stand, nutritional education, recycling and tree planting activities and demonstrations.

Nicole Steele, Health Equity Peer Educator, from the Social Justice Learning Institute (SJLI), prepared a healthy and tasty treat-watermelon salsa, which took only seven minutes to prepare. Ms. Steele “encouraged the attendees to pick the right kinds of nutrients to serve your body” and invited all to stop by their booth or the Social Justice Learning Institute for more information on healthy living.”

Live entertainment was provided by KJLH Radio Free 102.3FM Street Team Members Janet and Alex. These two lovely played tunes that had the crowd groovin’ and movin’ while doing The Wobble, Cupid Shuffle and Cha, Cha.

The Sledge Grits Band is a talented pop-rock group made of four sisters: Keiko, guitar player and main songwriter, Mimi, singer, Kariel, bass and bo-Pah on drums. They came unto the scene to rock out. Rock out they did to the delight of a captivated crowd stationed in front of the stage.

Headliner Kenny Lattimore apologized for his delay in arriving to the festival due to an earlier commitment. He immediately got down to the business of singing a marvelous set of hit after hit for about an hour. Kenny Lattimore thrilled the crowd on the tunes “Sorta of Like We Used to Do,” “Love Me Back,” “Never Too Busy,” “Beautiful Girl” from The best Man soundtrack. His set continued with “Find a Way,” “You Are My Girl,” “You Are My Starship” by Norman Connors featuring Michael Henderson, the crowd also sang along to this tune. “For You,” “And I Love Her” by The Beatles with a spot on British accent to introduce the song. He concluded his set with an acappella version of “Great is Thy Faithfulness” with Easter, Resurrection Sunday the following day.

Day 12 Calling BS On Over Protective Parents

Childhood is a time to play freedom and joy, freedom to lose themselves in the sheer joy of the present moment, without nagging regret about the past or fear of the future. For more in regards to Kom (This Internet page) look at our website. If you have any issues pertaining to the place and how to use Michigan, you can contact us at the web page. My family was and is fortunate to live in the country, where my children roamed safely, caught frogs, built forts, explored a creek and created wonderful imaginative games.

Fashion Jewelry Collocation Trends In 2018

Every woman with colored and dazzling will attempt to exact demands themselves like the stars behind the scenes. Manage the body shape, skin care; collocation of the outfit so does the prevailing makeup. All of those are the must learned course so that you can be a perfect woman. Either the jewelry or the outfit, you should stick to follow the fashion trend and then you can buy some from the wholesale jewelry store. This year, wearing the work of art on your body is prevailing. Do some work to make sure you are a lady who gets refined internally and externally. Match with the hollow out beads necklace which has the same effect as scrawl casually.

Jewelry with metal sense continuing the gold prevailing last year, you can follow the example of the show-2014ss which is mainly about the metal tone and the metal sense fabric made of dress. Of course the VENTI wedding rings will bring the Bling Bling effect to your whole appearance.

After saying goodbye to the dark blue, inkiness, dull-red of the 2013 FW, the pink is about to come back! Compare with the previous, it becomes even gentle which show well the spring and summer atmosphere. If you loved this article and you would like to be given more info concerning Wiktionary – – i implore you to visit the web-page. If you are the one like the pink so much and longer to have a try, you shouldn’t miss the VENTI ross quartz necklace, maybe the pink lady occur in this way.

The ten thousand unbeaten printing is also active in the fashion show this year. How clever the designers are! They make use of the embroidery and the method of hand tailor, make the rose, camellia, poppy appear even romantic and texture. Flower shape jewelry is always the attractive shape in summer and spring such as Gardenia Flower Rhinestone Earrings.

A little show of your skin give even femininity impression, so no matter show a bit your shoulders, clavicle, waist western style clothes or coat, they are the must have items for summer. VENTI wedding can really highlight your skin tone.