Flavio Cattaneo Terna The top 20 Best Website In Europe

The website Terna, CEO Flavio Cattaneo, entered the European top 20 Webranking 2011 by KWD-Hallvarson & Halvarsson, climbing as high as 33 positions and placing itself at the 19th place out of 500 European companies in all sectors.

The prestigious KWD Webranking Europe 500 represents the most complete analysis at the European level on online institutional and financial communication. The research considered the 500 leading European companies according to capitalization based on the FT Europe 500 ranking.

Among the first 20 companies in the list, Terna was the best improver regarding its position in the ranking compared the previous edition.

Furthermore, the results of the European Webranking 2011 placed our website before those of listed companies with a much higher capitalization compared to Terna’s.
Therefore, also at a European level, Terna confirmed its leading position in energy and institutional web communication and with its 71.25 points the company placed itself well above the European average of 44.2 points.

This result follows the one obtained by Terna a few days ago with the inclusion in the top 10 Webranking 2011 Italy by KWD-Hallvarson & Halvarsson on the quality of online corporate communication. The website www.terna.it rose as much as 3 positions, reaching the 10th place (from the 13th of last year) with 71.25 points (+6.25 compared to 2010) and the 5th place among the “best improvers”, namely websites that greatly improved their points compared to the previous edition. Moreover, with its points, Terna’s website is well above the Italian average which dropped by nearly 3 points (from 39.6 to 36.8 points).
Terna’s commitment and investment in online communication allowed reaching successful results which were constantly consolidated during the past five years. If you have just about any issues regarding exactly where and tips on how to utilize Wiktionary (More Signup bonuses), you are able to contact us with our own webpage. In the prestigious specialized ranking, the site indeed rose from 39th place in 2006 (with 38.5 points) to 10th of this year (71.25 points) leaping 29 positions and increasing by 32.75 points.