FORBIDDEN, A Novella (3)

Chapter Four

Here's my boyfriend and I, we had to leave the church and we lost friends when we came out, but both of us have never been happier!

The parking lot of Ralph’s grocery store on East Compton was filled almost to capacity. Parking spots were scarce and Leo had to drive around several times before he found a spot. Getting out of his car, he pressed the remote, locking it. He would come back for it later. There were lots of late-model cars in the lot but not that many of them were black. He didn’t think it would be too hard to find the car. Leo tried to be as inconspicuous in his search as he possibly could but it wasn’t easy. The tool he’d slipped inside his pant leg was making it difficult for him to walk normally. He was glad he’d at least remembered his Panama hat which served to keep the sun off of his face and his face partially obscured.

宁波 江东区-奔驰gla级amg 2015款 gla 45 amg 4maticLeo finally spotted the late-model black sedan parked between an old pickup truck and a rusty Chevy four-door. He checked the license plate to make sure he had the right car. Going over to the driver’s door, he glanced around to make sure he wasn’t being watched. As discretely as he could, he took the Slim Jim out of his pant leg and slid it between the window and the weather stripping. With the newer model cars, the doors housed various function controls as well as air bags and electrical wiring for power locks. Luckily, with this being a much older model car, Leo didn’t have to worry about any of that getting in the way of what he was trying to do. He moved the piece of spring steel slowly back and forth, all the while keeping an eye out for the wife or some other nosy passerby. Suddenly, Leo felt the tool grab the lock rod before the lock flipped over. He had managed to do it!

Triumphantly, Leo slid the tool out, opened the door and got in the car. It was sweltering inside but he didn’t dare waste precious minutes opening windows. Reaching down under the dashboard, Leo’s shaking fingers found the wires he needed in order to hot wire the car. When the huge V8 roared to life, he wasted no time in pulling out of the parking spot before cruising down the lane way, out onto East Compton without a backward glance.