Get A Sound Sleep With These Simple Tricks

Having a good mattress to sleep on takes away the cares of our lives from stress we might be facing. Good sleep can also have us well rested for a hard day of work to keep us focused, in both ways, physically and mentally. But are there tricks to have a better night sleep? The short answer is yes, and today if you would like to feel well rested every night with these simple tricks we encourage you to read on.

Nine Tips for Better Sleep

Exercise: Having exercise in the morning or mid-afternoon is a critical step if you want to get a good amount of sleep because exercise acts as a stimulant. In the winter time, it may be a bit harder to sleep because we spend a lot of time indoors, and we can’t expect to be tired at night if we are sedentary all day long. Our bodies are made to move. So try to get out and do some exercise even if it’s walking around the block.
Dim the Lights: As soon as the sun starts going down at night time, it’s a good idea to start to dim your lights inside your home. Darkness stimulates our bodies to release hormones to prepare us for sleep. So if you are indoors and it’s bright inside it can be confusing Service to the body.
Use Noise: Try using a low noise to help you go to sleep. This may work for some and not for others. Examples of this would be the sound of rain, ocean waves, crickets, or even playing classical music in the background.
Quality Mattress: 93 % of general practitioners agreed that a comfortable and supportive bed will improve your sleep dramatically, and you will feel like you received an extra hour of sleep.
No Stimulants After 3PM: You shouldn’t have any coffee, tea, or fizzy drinks that contain caffeine after 3PM. This would include chocolate from cookies, ice cream or just the chocolate itself because it has caffeine in it.
Be Consistent: Try to go to bed at around the same time every night, this will keep your body in line. Our bodies like to have a synchronized rhythm every night. Try having the night time routine whether you put on a facial mask or reading this will tell your body you are getting ready for sleep.

Keep It Cool: Sleeping in a cool environment makes the ideal environment for sleep. Our bodies tend to generate a lot of heat and even more if you have a partner in the bed with you. Setting a cooler temperature makes sleep easier to get a good night sleep.
Get Your Morning Light: When you get up in the morning and get that morning sunlight you get the UV light which helps our body determine the time of day and proper sleep cycles.
Food and Drink: Eating a large meal often keeps us awake and drinking liquids will have us using the bathroom keeping us awake.

You can now feel well rested every night with these simple tricks mentioned above. We use our beds more than any other piece of furniture. Having a quality mattress is part of the solution for better sleep, and The Mobile Mattress wants to help you with getting the sleep you need for years to come.