The Leakage Of Indian Army Chief V.K. Singh’s Letter

Eversince the Indian Army Chief Mr.V.K.Singh had approached the Apex Court on his Date of Birth issue against the government; he has become a centre of attraction for media, for having been in the sensitive position in India. Thereafter, after a considerable period of time elapsed, he had made a controversial statement that 14 crores of rupees bribe was offered to him by a former Lieutenant General Tejender Singh for purchasing sub-standard Army Trucks to the Army. Next lekage of Army Chief’s highly-cofidential letter to the Prime Minister of India and RM, on the draw backs of Indian Defense Forces’ battle alert positions and other sensitive issues like lack of sufficient ammunitions to the Defense forces, taken the dispute to the apogee. A CBI probe has been alerted on these controversies.

But, there is no need to undergo panic on these issues, as these are the part of strategic “Jhulaks” to some countries, who are planning to make misadventurous steps against India. In fact there is no need to underestimate the capabilites of the Indian Army, Indian Air Forces and Indian Navy and India has the much advanced Armoury for Ground battle, Advanced Missile capabilities and all Electronic Air warfare techniques that United States had shown during the war with Iraq in 1990-91, including ‘shelter bombing’, electronic jamming, night vision devices and smart bombing capabilities, including patriotism among the Defense Forces. So there is no need worry much as publicised by the media. It is a “Jhulak”, how one and all react if such sensitive issues are placed before them. If you beloved this posting and you would like to receive more data concerning Twitter kindly pay a visit to our own web-page. It is to observe, really how many leaders and the people in power have concern for the National security and to observe their reactions and to see how media will create hustle-bustle over the issue. This issue will go on like this for some more time and later will go into obsolation.