You’re Quite An Old Soul, Aren’t You.

Positive thought of faith is the only answer to survive amidst chaos.

Tyrant hands of time taunt me.

Apocalyptical warnings make e shudder

In the bottomless pit of dreary dark uncertainties

I am falling and yelling to escape

From the ashes, I wish to rise

Hands offering to lift me up

Steering restlessness into the calm corollary

I know now, that I have the supporting threads

I have with me now the hands, which hold me

Yes, the time which took away, has now given me back

I have with me the gains of my lost time

I know now, that I have the reason to smile

I have with me the faith from dusk to dawn

4 comments on The Faith

it’s really great yar! keep up this brilliant work..! 🙂

You’re quite an old soul, aren’t you? Lovely work.

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